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Meet our Residents.

Vera Pagel - I read about St. Brigid’s at Hi-Park (St. Crispin) in a magazine. My son and I went to check it out. Everyone was/is so friendly. The staff is very helpful, they call me by name, and it seems they even anticipate my needs. We even have an "on-call" chaplain. The food is excellent, I have plenty of snacks, always have a choice in what I want to eat, and there is always more than enough! You can’t go wrong by choosing St. Crispin – they take care of all of your needs. It is just like home. I am so happy here! I know you will be too.

SandburgsKen Sandberg - As a married couple we were physically separated, my wife at a care facility and myself at an apartment. St. Brigid's at Hi-Park was suggested by a counselor. We thought we would give it a go. This, for us, was the ideal as we could now be together again! A dream come true. You get good food, aides/nurses. Plus, we have great activities - the choir is one of them....we need more singers! Everyone is helpful and seems to know their job. I think you should come because you will enjoy it.

St. Crispin Living Community 906 College Ave., Red Wing, MN 55066 (651) 385-3434